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When he came out, a friend asked him if he was OK. That’s when he learned the stock had surged. 33,000 and is now in the deep red. Left to a meeting at close and was away from my platform, came back to 17s. Hello to all you traders out there. I’m happy I wrote this. I have a fairly small account, but its over PDT.

So I went to my office for a long meeting. I was ok since I was short KBIO. Shoot did I blow up my account, everything I worked for? 37,000 that would be terrible. 16 and my account was negative over 100k. I should post this but here we go.

I hope my story helps someone else from the same. Here are screenshots of the damage. Get the best of Business Insider delivered to your inbox every day. I’ll get to as many as I can tonight and the rest over the next couple of days. The name OZ Minerals was approved by share holders on 18 July 2008 and started trading under that name on 23 July 2008.

Hope this is sufficient info. The first chart I can’t be sure of the time, I used the start trading time of Australian Stock Exchange so I’m going to go on the second chart which will be more accurate and also be more appropriate as it will apply to those people who own stock in this company. Neptune will be out of the 5th house of speculation and making an applying sextile to Pluto in the 3rd house from the 6th, which means there could be loss of some jobs as the company relocates or opens up another division somewhere else and lets some people go in the process, but it’s not a huge loss of jobs or anything. If you’re going to sell I’d wait until that period of time, it looks much better at that time. This stock will rebound and you will very likely regain any losses or make money if you wait it out until then. For the people that have taken your advise and sold stocks and went to cash this year, when do you adivse investing again?

I have a lot of cash in a money market fund in my 401k waiting to do this. I have a choice of 2 US domestic bond funds, 1 foreign fund and several US domestic stock funds. What would you invest in and when would you start? I can’t give you a logical answer like an investment person would only an intuitive one. Personally, I would wait until at least March of 2011 when Uranus moves out of Pisces and into Aries. Things will be more hopeful, and there will be much more market confidence in certain areas by then. 2024 and Neptune through Pisces until about 2025, which means we are going to see the end of business, capitalism and the markets as we have known them.

And this will be on a global scale. You will have to really educate yourself not just the history of the markets, and any funds you are interested in, but you will also have to be able to follow all the nuisances, and changes that will be perpetually coming. I know some financial people are saying there won’t be a depression, others are saying it will be the worst depression we’ve ever known. But truly, I don’t think either are correct.

That many patients would get the drug at no cost; and their new SEC filing reveals more about his apparent misdeeds. The first one I believe would have made a difference, lighting up this opposition. And are being discovered, you want to be confident that the shares in the company are going to increase in value. Did Martin Shkreli do wrong — what do you think what happened to etrade stock this? Starting in January of 2010 transiting Pluto will be making an opposition to Chicago’s foundation chart’s Venus in the 8th, i don’t think either are correct.

This is going to be a period unlike anything we’ve seen. I don’t feel it will resemble the 30s except on the very surface. I have a feeling the world will work together to solve this crisis as I’ve posted long before there was any talks of this or foreign leaders coming together, etc. There will be a period of adjustment and I don’t think financial people really have a clue just how radically things are going to end up changing. As I’ve said before I feel there will be international laws put into place not just regarding lending, but on trading as well, the markets will somehow be tied together in a new way, and instead of this hodge podge of pieces there will be a uniting off all markets into a truly global economy. But this will take many years, and happen piece by piece.

The trend here I’m seeing is too big, and wide, that I can’t see the trees inside this forest unless you point them out. Also a shout out to anyone who has some advice on foreign and domestic funds, perhaps a break down of what’s positive and negative to help out Barry and all other readers. I’m not a hedge fund manager so I can’t logically answer this question it’s too broad for me. Give me something I can do a chart on or a tarot reading about! Thanks for taking the time and write to us all. I am holding stock from the company AUY.

Do you see the price going back up to between 10 to 30? I’m mental with the stock symbols. Can you please post the name of the company and if you have the date it started trading and where that would be ideal, in case I don’t have it in my database. Sorry about that for now, but I will answer you when I can run a chart.

I can do that, too. The financial strategists mention that around Valentines Day as the potential bottom of the market. This coincides with everything you’ve been saying about the first wave of the worst ending late January of next year. Thanks to everyone who shares their thoughts and of course, Denise who shares her insight, gift and wit. I look forward to you all every day.

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