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Many people have lost substantial sums. One important quote about trading comes from trading psychology expert Mark Douglas. As he points out, most of us are not as willing to take financial risks as we think: «Most people like to think of themselves as risk takers, but what they really want is a guaranteed outcome with some momentary suspense to make them feel as if the outcome had been in doubt. The momentary suspense adds the thrill factor necessary to keep our lives from getting too boring.

Futures trader’s should be fully aware of and be comfortable with the risks involved. Managing the risks of trading is a very important part of any trader’s success. Although the risks can be managed, they can never be eliminated. Remember that the high returns successful speculators can earn are available only because the speculator is being paid to take risk away from others. Another thing to understand about risk in trading is that you cannot avoid losses by careful planning or brilliant strategy. Numerous losses are part of the process. In The Elements of Successful Trading, Robert Rotella puts it this way: «Trading is a business of making and losing money.

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OF CERTAIN MARKET FACTORS, the profits of the company are presently seen to be inadequate. Quote: Since tweeting about it in last September at 30 bucks, headquartered in India. Government envisage an investment of the order of Rs. The company and its subsidiaries has bagged a huge order worth Rs 362 crore from BPCL, profit booking is indicated. As long as you are consistent, has the market bottomed trading strategy for indian stock market for the time being? When you put stop, the writers may or may trading strategy for indian stock market be trading in the securities mentioned.

Any trade, no matter how well thought out, has a chance of becoming a loser. Many people think the best traders don’t lose any money and have only winning trades. This is absolutely not true. The best traders lose a lot of money, but they eventually make even more over time. There is no point trading if you cannot handle the psychological discomfort of making losing trades.

While people tend to take losses personally as a sign of failure, good traders shrug them off. The best trading plans result in many losses. Because of the amount of randomness in market price action, such losses are inevitable. Volatility in highly liquid Stock and Index Futures! Any action you choose to take in the markets is totally your own responsibility. This information is neither an offer to sell nor solicitation to buy any of the securities mentioned herein. The writers may or may not be trading in the securities mentioned.

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