Stock market trading techniques hedges

This article examines the long-term equilibrium relationships between the Singapore stock index and selected macroeconomic variables, as well as among stock indices of Singapore, Japan, and the United States. Stock market trading techniques hedges testing appropriate vector error-correction models, we detected that changes in two measures of real economic activities, industrial production and trade, are not integrated of the same order as changes in Singapore’s stock market levels.

However, changes in Singapore’s stock market levels do form a cointegrating relationship with changes in price levels, money supply, short- and long-term interest rates, and exchange rates. While changes in interest and exchange rates contribute significantly to the cointegrating relationship, those in price levels and money supply do not. This suggests that the Singapore stock market is interest and exchanges rate sensitive. Additionally, the article concludes that the Singapore stock market is significantly and positively cointegrated with stock markets of Japan and the United States.

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