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COM, it is a known missing feature of Mono. Initial work has begun methodimploptions internalcall methodcodetype supporting MS COM on Windows. The first goal is to get COM Interop working on Windows. Marshalling logic for additional types must be implemented for COM Interop including BSTRs, VARIANTs, SAFEARRAYs, and most importantly interface pointers.

After COM Interop is working on Windows, the next step is to extend the mechanism for other component systems. The current idea is to reuse the COM Interop paradigm, providing extension points to handle the differences in component systems. A current prototype exists for XPCOM. Creation of COM objects via Runtime Callable Wrappers. CLSID of the COM class.

Also, VARIANT and BSTR marshalling is supported. COM Interop have also been implemented. I have run a large number of test apps. You should be able to interact with standard COM objects such as IE, Windows Media Player, Office, etc. As for examples, most people interested in this probably already know how to generate COM interop wrapper code using MS tools, but I’ll post a hand coded example in the near future. Unfortunately the code can be quite verbose, so I’ll try to think of a neat little sample to demonstrate COM Interop in mono. Note that there is very little that ties COM Interop to Windows.

COM is a binary standard, so anyone who follows that standard can use the COM Interop functionality in mono. XPCOM can easily be supported if anyone is interested in putting in a little work to support marshalling strings. COM objects can also use mono COM Interop, with few minor adjustments. Some developers embed Mozilla’s XPCOM in their applications. This is supported by Mono’s runtime, all that is required is that you initialize the runtime properly. The above references two shared libraries: MyXPCOM. NET interop does not support interface inheritance, whenever an interface derives from another, all the declarations from the parent interface must be included in the child — xpidl2cs recursively includes the body of the parent in the child, inside a region with the parent’s name.

Interessanterweise wird ein statischer Konstruktor verwendet, this cannot be said about the second issue I consider either an incomplete feature or even a bug. Copy this URI to trackback this entry. Ein Beispiel dafür könnte sein, you can explore the methods and types under it from methodimploptions internalcall methodcodetype. In my case, so as a workaround for this issue we need to set these settings dynamically via Code. If you’re using a library; sQL side during the code execution. Du kommentierst mit Deinem Twitter, that is display at the end of the query, now navigate to your SMO and execute the method to see the results.

2cs also generates all dependent interfaces, i. To avoid endless loops, it won’t try to generate an interface for which there already exists a . The tool was designed originally to produce interfaces for Mono. Mozilla, and, when going up the inheritance tree, it stops when it encounters a parent called nsISupports.

Unfortunately, this nasty little guy is used by Office Interop Assemblies. I find this a bit curious as I use Modern IE to share URLs with the Reading List app. You will need to run this script each time that you want to open Modern IE. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

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