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The discovery of iron ore on the Mesabi Range can hardly be credited to one person. In 1890, however, it was the family of Lewis Merritt that discovered merchantable merrit trading post and opened the Mesabi to industry. Within three years, they owned several mines and had built a railroad leading to immense ore docks in Duluth.

On the cusp of controlling a mining empire in northern Minnesota, they lost everything to business titan John D. A resource for reliable information about significant people, places, events, and things in Minnesota history. Enter the terms you wish to search for. The Merritt Family and the Mesabi Iron Range.

Black and white photograph of the Merritt family some twenty years before they began mining operations on the Mesabi, 1871. The Merritt family some twenty years before they began mining operations on the Mesabi, 1871. The Merritts came to Minnesota Territory in 1855 and 1856. The family ran a hotel and Lewis, the father, worked as a millwright. Like his peers, he found nothing. He was, however, shown a chunk of iron ore that prompted him to speculate that ranges of the mineral would be discovered in northern Minnesota.

Lewis and his wife Hepziabeth had eight sons. One became a teacher and another a minister. Some worked on Lake Superior vessels for a time. Several of the sons worked in the extractive industries of lumbering and mining. Prominent among the brothers was Leonidas. He became the head of the Merritt clan in Duluth, especially after his father Lewis died in 1880.

In the mid-to late-1880s several of the brothers were employed as timber cruisers, which required them to spend months in the woods surveying tracts of forest. In 1884 and 1887 two Merritts found samples of iron ore. Soon afterwards, the family began an organized search for a large deposit of ore even though experts said none existed. In 1889, Alfred Merritt led a crew to the area where ore had been found and began digging test pits. The results were positive and on July 10, 1890 the Merritts incorporated the Mountain Iron Company. A few months later they discovered what became Mountain Iron Mine.

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