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DAP will be the ultimate loser in the coming GE. Why Business Sense is So Important? Chong Ket Pen — bites the hand who feed, EPF force sell Protasco Bhd main reason? Chong Ket Pen — bites the hand who feed? Brokerage as low as 0. Olam International is a global listed agri-business, operating in multiple food supply chains that is committed to its core purpose of Growing Responsibly.

How Olam contributes to food security — SDG2 Target 2. Not just jobs for the men! Third-party palm oil sourcing: Currently a small player involved in 0. By adhering to this core purpose Olam is able to earn the trust of its shareholders, customers, suppliers, farmers, creditors, employees and many other partners.

We know that we need to maintain that trust for the well-being of our business and the millions who depend on us for their own reputations, livelihoods and food security. Companies working in agricultural production and trading are sometimes accused of hiding behind complexity. And where we get it wrong, we own up and see how we can correct these mistakes and improve. We have been made aware of a report that will be released on our palm operations. We appreciate the vital role played by NGOs and civil society to keep the industry in check and working in partnership to drive best practice. The Mighty Earth report acknowledges some of Olam’s responses, especially where the authors feel progress has been made.

The report has also provided a series of recommendations, some of which we will take on board. However, we are disappointed to see some important factual errors, and several key misinterpretations of Olam’s policies and implementation. Considerably more fundamental though, is the basic principle of how Mighty views a country like Gabon and its sovereign right to develop sustainably, with the assistance of a responsible company, in a Public Private Partnership arrangement. If planted responsibly, oil palm is the most efficient of the oil seed crops, requiring approximately 10 times less land than other vegetable oils such as soy and sunflower. When we first began our palm business in 2011, we made it a condition that our plantations had to be developed sustainably, both from an environmental and social perspective. Olam is not in direct control of the farming operations.

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Gabon has a right and an essential need to develop its agriculture sector to diversify its economy, improve food security to feed its people and create new livelihood opportunities, while also protecting its natural forests. Olam’s palm plantations in Gabon are being developed in an environmentally and socially responsible way to contribute to each of these objectives. Our approach balances palm plantation establishment with natural forest protection. In fact we are conserving and protecting areas of verified high conservation value forest within our concessions greater in size than our plantations. For our third party palm sourcing, we are still a small player, accounting for only 0. All of our current suppliers have either signed this code or have their own codes consistent with ours.

We are also now releasing our full supplier list. We have mapped out low carbon and low biodiversity areas suitable for oil palm development and we have constrained the projects within these zones, providing a case study to enable us to develop a methodology to apply across all sectors through our National Land Use Plan. By working exclusively in savannahs, regenerating farmland and degraded logging areas, we have minimised the ecological impacts of the developments. Furthermore, researchers from Gabon’s Tropical Ecology Research Institute have mapped out community use of the areas to ensure there is no conflict with traditional land rights. It is a shame that Mighty and Brainforest did not take the time to sit down with us and understand the methodology used before launching this critique.

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