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Please forward this error screen to 216. Arun the Stock Guru as Stock Tips service provider for Indian share market via Stock Tips providing tips on Sensex and nifty,BSE NSE stocks. In short you get best share day trading tips philippines on Indian stock market. Instant Share market Live tips are provided too.

Quote: They say you are the average of your five closest surrounding. This quote had a meaningful impact on my life and needless to say in aspect of markets I have been surrounded by some amazing humble investors with full of wisdom and wits. The exposure and learning received from them could be termed overwhelming. Was having a recent interaction with my elder bro and mentor Singaraju about a particular stock and this is what he ended up with.

ASIA’S LARGEST LPG Cylinder manufacturer by capacity. INDIA’S LARGEST private sector LBG Bottler offering services to all OMCs. LPG bottling space which is outsourced by OMCs. A capital intensive and low margin business, though. C Go Gas Ltd, runs 110 ALDS of its own in prime locations, across 21 states.

Have ambitious plans to add 50 more ALDS this fiscal and to scale upto having 250 ALDS throughout India in future. One of the INDIA’S LARGEST LPG parallel marketers. LPG transportation logistics services with 55 owned vehicles. Offers LPG cylinder repair services on a wide scale. Large presence Indonesian LPG market. Through a Chinese JV, looking to produce Natural Gas Meters, betting on domestic gas pipe lines growth.

Company holds free-hold lands worth of Rs. Rs 600 crore on future expansions. The schedule is to complete the entire expansion exercise by December 2018. Group employs 4,400 people and with expansions, another 2,000 headcounts would be added. The company has tied up with IOC-Petronas for long-term supply of LPG and with SAIL for its steel requirements. LPG business you tend to sit- up and take notice. Also the Khara group has a past track record of taking over sick units and turning them around into profitable.

Btw: Did play a similar company called Uniply, but I do stock it. Logus Ply and Laminates:I’m selling both, because it is cheaper, ointments and lotions. That will be wonderful, it’s the overall advantage. But with the projected day trading tips philippines demand of 24 million tonne in 2018 — day trading tips philippines focus has increased considerably in the last few years and they have also inducted professionals which has led to day trading tips philippines above changes.

On an area available of 294000 square meter, they also have Infinity Zones which are for brand visibility and are premium outlets. Putting a 15 PE; as can be seen from the half yearly balance sheet, the company is presently in a phase of financial consolidation. The illegal sales of cylinders have shown a downfall, currently none at that level but 3 already identified. The company is least interested in Anti, strong balance sheet with marginal debt. Arun the Stock Guru as Stock Tips service provider for Indian share market via Stock Tips providing tips on Sensex and nifty, started investing in markets with 1000rs which compounded and day trading tips philippines turned «a decent respectable portfolio» now.

The group had taken over many sick cylinder manufacturing units in Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra a few years back and has managed to successfully turn them around. Ugly:But the good vibes about Management ends here. All the declared numbers «Kind of seem odd» and are not so dependable for an analyst to crunch upon. Go Gas Limited, with sizable investments.

In FY2017, it had a sales of only 0. This division now runs about 110 ALDS on its own in prime locations. Somewhere else on media, they are very vocal about the strength of the brand, how they brought down the break-even of a new station to just 12 months from 24-30 months and their huge ambitions to scale- up to 500 stations and high average sales per station of 230 tonnes per annum. But the declared numbers are puny, nowhere near the actuals or potentials or investment made. Forex earnings are not so meaningful around Rs 0. Indonesian subsidiary PT Surya Go Gas.

Where are the revenues from the much lauded international operations? It hides more than it reveals. In FY17 results declared, there was no consolidated balance sheet made available. The company website doesn’t bother to have an Investors section at all. But still — a Value Buy: Yes, they are Not the cleanest of guys.

They would be siphoning out money big-time creating black money and hugely under invoicing sales and avoiding taxes. But no more these kinda operations possible on this much of scale—given the historic changes happening in the management of Indian economy. As and when they do change and wake up to the potential of market-cap driven wealth rather than siphoning money, both topline and bottomline could be surging over next 2-3 years. Strong balance sheet with marginal debt. Despite topline fluctuations, company is profitable consistently. Can fund the future expansions with internal accruals.

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