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A string is a sequence of displayable or nondisplayable ASCII characters. Strings provide a platform-independent format for basics of binary options legal in india and data.

Controlling instruments by sending text commands to the instrument and returning data values in the form of either ASCII or binary strings, which you then convert to numeric values. Storing numeric data to disk. To store numeric data in an ASCII file, you must first convert numeric data to strings before writing the data to a disk file. Instructing or prompting the user with dialog boxes. On the front panel, strings appear as tables, text entry boxes, and labels. LabVIEW includes built-in VIs and functions you can use to manipulate strings, including formatting strings, parsing strings, and other editing. LabVIEW represents string data with the color pink.

LabVIEW represents numeric data as floating-point numbers, fixed-point numbers, integers, unsigned integers, and complex numbers. Double and Single precision as well as Complex numeric data is represented with the color orange in LabVIEW. All Integer numeric data is represented with the color blue. The difference among the numeric data types is the number of bits they use to store data and the data values they represent.

Certain data types also provide extended configuration options. For example, you can associate physical units of measure with floating-point data, including complex numbers, and you can configure the encoding and range for fixed-point data. LabVIEW stores Boolean data as 8-bit values. You can use a Boolean in LabVIEW to represent a 0 or 1, or a TRUE or FALSE.

If the 8-bit value is zero, the Boolean value is FALSE. Any nonzero value represents TRUE. Common applications for Boolean data include representing digital data and serving as a front panel control that acts as a switch that has a mechanical action often used to control an execution structure such as a Case structure. A Boolean control is typically used as the conditional statement to exit a While Loop. In LabVIEW, the color green represents Boolean data.

Wire the dynamic data type to an indicator that can best present the data. Indicators include a graph, chart, or numeric, or Boolean indicator. However, because dynamic data undergoes an automatic conversion to match the indicator to which it is wired, Express VIs can slow down the block diagram execution speed. The dynamic data type is for use with Express VIs. Most other VIs and functions that are shipped with LabVIEW do not accept this data type. To use a built-in VI or function to analyze or process the data the dynamic data type includes, you must convert the dynamic data type. Sometimes it is beneficial to group related data.

Use arrays and clusters to group related data in LabVIEW. Arrays combine data points of the same data type into one data structure, and clusters combine data points of multiple data types into one data structure. An array consists of elements and dimensions. Elements are the data points that make up the array.

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A dimension is the length, height, or depth of an array. 1 elements per dimension, memory permitting. An array uses an index so you can readily access any particular element. The index is zero-based, which means it is in the range of 0 to n-1, where n is the number of elements in the array. For example, n-12 represents the 12 months of the year, so the index ranges from 0 to 11.

March is the third month, so it has an index of 2. The previous examples use 1D arrays. You can initialize an array or leave it uninitialized. This indicates that the array is uninitialized. In a 2D array, after you initialize an element, any uninitialized element in that column and in previous columns are initialized and populated with the default value for the data type.

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