Accounting for forfeited stock options

83 million in stock in 2016, and his successor received a raise. Some shareholders are irate about the payouts. Stumpf, left, accounting for forfeited stock options a hearing in Washington in September, the month before he retired under pressure as chief executive of Wells Fargo. Internet Explorer 9 or earlier.

Go to the home page to see the latest top stories. 2 million bank accounts without customers’ consent. 90 million in compensation, fired employees at all levels and vowed to clean house. October — still took home lavish sums last year, according to a regulatory filing this week. Wells Fargo’s former chief executive, John G.

83 million by exercising vested stock options, amassed over his 34 years at the bank, and receiving payouts on certain stock awards. In a quirk of timing that might raise some questions, one month before regulators announced penalties against Wells Fargo over its long-running fake accounts scheme, Mr. 5 million options, a significant chunk of his vested holdings. More articles about executive pay. He forfeited a significant sum, but at the end of the day, what he walked away with was even more significant. Stumpf did not sell any of his shares. After surrendering a large chunk to cover taxes and the cost of converting his options, he retained those that remained.

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Directly and through trusts, he now owns 2. 5 million Wells Fargo shares, some 800,000 shares more than he held a year ago. Wells Fargo’s rules limit how many shares its executive officers can sell, but the restrictions on Mr. Stumpf will expire a year after his retirement. A Wells Fargo spokesman declined to comment on Mr. The bank’s new leader, Timothy J. 11 million he took home a year earlier.

The details of Wells Fargo’s executive compensation are infuriating to some shareholder activists, who have been calling for major reforms. Wells Fargo their bank, and Gerald R. Nash, the order’s director of corporate social responsibility. At next month’s meeting, to be held in Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla.

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